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Restoring Pakistan’s Communities Through Active Citizenship Future Active Citizens for Pakistan

Here at Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS),we are implementing an Active Citizens Programme with the support of the British Council Pakistan in the five districts of Sindh province. The Active Citizens programme aims to develop leadership skills in young people of the Khairpur, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas, Ghotki, and Larkana districts. The Active Citizen Programme facilitates community and political participation amongst young people through interactions with local community organizations, and local and national governments. It also develops an understanding of global issues which affect young people and their communities. Each training covered four days.. The programme aims to increase outreach through developing strengthened partnerships with civil society organizations in the country, and engage with communities and young people in the Khairpur, Sukkur, and Larkana districts. By participating in the Active Citizenship programme, young leaders will be equipped with skills to help them address social issues, access decision-making processes, and contribute to building community cohesion with people of all generations through:

  1. Capacity building: For young people that includes; leadership, communication, advocacy, citizenship, volunteering, social action programme delivery, fundraising, entrepreneurship, partnership, and network-building.
  2. Developing international network: Both face-to-face and online, enabling young people to share their ideas, knowledge, and experience to develop new relationships and understand their roles as global citizens.
  3. Developing youth-led social programmes: Where young people contribute to addressing various development issues in their communities by involving local institutions and people of all generations to make a positive difference.
  4. Facilitating policy dialogue: To stimulate debate about active citizenship and youth policy and practice at national, local and community levels.


Young People Become Active Citizens

SDTS is implementing its Active Citizenship training program, phase-I, II & III for the year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14. Till yet SDTS trained more than 700 young people through 24 ACP workshops; last year-2012-13, SDTS conducted 14 Active Citizen Program(ACP)  and built their leadership skills.

Social Action Projects

SDTS organised three community event in Khairpur to award and recognize Social Action Projects being undertaken by young Active Citizens. After successful completion of ACP training, the Active Citizens are encouraged to do social action projects (SAPs) in their communities to address the local issues on a self-help basis.

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