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SDTS provided humanitarian support to 2010-2011-2012 flood affected families as per following:
1. Distribution of 500 Hygiene Kits among IDPs in UC Shah Latif district Khairpur received from IOM.
2. Distribution of 20,000 washing Soap among IDPs in UC Shah Latif and Jamali district Khairpur & Qambar Shadadkot provided by WASH Cluster.
3. Distribution of 700 Emergency Shelters in UC Drib Mehar Shah district Khairpur
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 Vision:
 Our vision is a society without poverty in which every person can exercise their Rights to a life of Dignity and having the secure life and its Facilities.
 Mission:
 Struggle for Community Development and to Empower People by providing the Opportunities and Basic Facilities to develop the leadership skills, Social Responsibility and Fellowship necessary to create positive changes.

 Objectives:
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 Sewa Development Trust Sindh [SDTS] is a not-for-profit organization of Sindh- that was founded by a group of development, social and human rights activists in June-2002.

 Sewa literally meaning ‘service’ in Sindhi & Hindi languages, it is registered with Government of Pakistan under Trust Act-1882 as Trust Deed vide registration number 1096 dated 31 July, 2003.