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Establishment of 37 Non-Formal Basic Education Schools opened in 37 different villages of District Khairpur. The project is running with the funding by Pakistan Literacy Commission (under Education for All) Islamabad and Directorate of Literacy and Non-Formal, Government of Sindh. The philosophy of the project dictates the involvement of communities for development on self-help basis so as to generate a mostly self-sufficient development process requiring increasingly reduced outside assistance.

Overall Project Goal/Purpose

Establishment of 37 Non-Formal community Schools and enhancement existing schools by providing teaching Aid and literacy material to poor and illiterate as well as dropout students of the area.

Project Beneficiaries

SDTS working for deprived and marginlized communities of Khairpur especially for rural women and children, in this project the target groups are Poor and illiterate Children as well as dropout students of the area and 37 villages where no any school already functioning, Female Teachers of the rural areas and VECs.

Project Location:

Project Locations are 37 villages of Taluka Nara, Kotdiji, Sobhodero, Khairpur and Gambat of District Khairpur.

 Teacher Training:

Teachers Training is important tool of the project. Sewa provides pre-employment course of one-week duration, employment course of 3-day duration and refresher courses annually.

Through Teachers Training, Teachers are taught:

  1. Lesson plan preparation and delivery of lectures.
  2. Maintenance of school registers and records.
  3. Use of teaching aids.
  4. Division of lessons per period per day to complete the syllabus.
  5. Collective Teachers Training ensures uniformity and standardization of teaching due to extensive demonstrations and practice.
  6. Multi-grade teaching training enables teachers to deal with class I-V simultaneously.