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Ilmpossible 5 years Success

Sewa Development Trust Sindh celebrated 05 years of success (Community Event) Certificate Awarding Ceremony and mobilization cost disbursement among successful Volunteers of Khairpur, It is annually event to appreciate and acknowledge volunteers, Mohullah Committee members, stake holders and government officials who supported to make ILMPOSSIBLE in year 2019, SDTS invited Mohalla Committees, teachers and other Stakeholders on 21st November , 2019 at Lincoln Corner, Sachal Sarmast Library Khairpur. To honor the event as guest the Managing Director –SDTS, Dr. Khadim H Dahot, The Commissioner Revenue Sukkur Division, Mr. Shafique Ahmed, District Education Officer-DEO Primary Mr. Liaquat Khaskeli, the Additional Deputy Commissioner-II Khairpur, Mr. Iqbal Hussain Jandraan, Taluka Education Officer-TEO Mrs. Firdous Phulpoto, TEO Mr. Yousif Bughti, TEO Gambat Mr. Mushik Rattar, Farah Naz (Focal Person Lincoln Corner) Ilmbassadors (90 Volunteers of district Khairpur), Muhalla committee members (12) were invited to attend the program. Dr. Dahot warmly welcomed all the Guests, Participants, volunteers, Teachers, students and the Mohalla Committee members who participated in Community Event, Mr. Dahot addressed to the participant about the journey and struggle of ILMPOSSIBLE that how effort fully children got enrolled in schools and also introduce the AeN them and itbeginning in Khairpur Mir’s which was started with the trainings subjected to the peace. In those training 200 youth and its current target is 300 youth. He added in his speech that youth is a future of us and this is our youth who will replace us and we need to protect them by giving a positive direction to their energies and eagerness. He ended his speech with beautiful verse of Iqbal. US QOUM KO SHAMSHEER KI HAJAT NAHI REHTI HU JIS K JAWANO KI KHUDI FOULAD KI In the event Mohalla Committees had showcased their work (Success stories, achievements, presentation on issues of schools) in the form of stall setup, time by time all guests visited stalls and get information about the work of Mohalla Committees, during visit of stalls guests appreciated the work of MCs and encouraged them as well for their work for education, There were 06 stalls setup by 06 Mohalla committees of district KhairpurAadarsh Mohalla Committee, UC-Drib Mehar Shah, Kingri , Distt: Khairpur. All these Mohalla Committees had beautifully decorated their stalls with handmade/cultural items, pictures of their work for school missing facilities. Mr. Riaz Manglo shared five years progress of TACS with participants and shared stage with following volunteers, MC members and Dosti teachers to share their journery of ILMPOSSIBLE with commissioner sukkur and other stake holders Mr. Raheel Hyder is a volunteer shared his experience to work with ILMPOSSIBLE that how he had motivated to those villagers who were even not interested to see him because he was a apart of those group of people who were separating the light of education among the people. He said that that was a difficult time for him but now he has enrolled many of the children in schools who were used to hide themselves to find him in streets. Mr. Manzoor is a volunteer, he shared his journey with ILMPOSSILBE and how he has been selected for ISV. He shared his experience with the audience that how he distributed the educational material among the students of GBPS Buxan Khan Noonari and had meeting with parents to retain enrolled students in the school Ghanwar Khan shared success stories of his MC SOBH of UC Shadi Shaheed, He told in last six months MC successfully arranged solar plates for school Khair Mohd Katohar, arranged hand pump for schools and organized enrollment drives village to village to enroll maximium out of school children into schools, he further shared that if GGPS Noonari goth school selected for school grant MC will raise funds to construct two rooms . Mr. Shah Nawaz joined TACS this year, he told the participant about the closed schools which were needed to be opened in those villages where the ratio of school going girls was very much low and where the schools were opened only in documents or the schools where no assembly had been conducted since 10 years before , the attendance of students was too short, with the help of ILMPOSSIBLE those schools are running with quality work. Mr. Zohaib sahred story of his school that DOSTI bring back all absent studenst in to my school it is because of ILMPOSSIBLE my school is running in a beautiful building which constructed under school grant support of TACS IN 2016, He said I didn’t stop and keep posting building issue on ELMI a complaint application of Sindh Government and successfully construct two other rooms from education and works department. Zohaib’s school is DOSTI champion school in year 2016 and 17. .

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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