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Civil Society Dialogue: JAZBA

Women Voter's Campaign

Sewa Development Trust Sindh successfully conducted Civil Society Dialogue on the topic "Importance of Women Voter in BD Elections and Challenges" under JAZBA program in association with South Asia Partnership Pakistan. Total 122 participants attended the event (Female-59 and Male-63) including Lawyers, Journalists, Women Workers, Human Rights and Political activists. On June 23, 2022 an awareness program, pertaining to women basic rights in general and political rights in particular was arranged by Sewa Development Trust Sindh, in the wake of concurrently going elections for the Local government in Sindh where women lag behind the men. The manifesto of the program was to explain the basic rights of women to both the men and women of the locality so that women, along with other rights, can also avail her political rights of voting and contesting the elections. The large gathering of more than one hundred and people remained successful, for its attendants comprised the male and female equally in number which belonged to different age groups and strata of society. Moreover, the lawyers, local politicians, teachers, media persons and religious scholars participated zealously and shared their opinions openly in the program. They shed the light on women empowerment, challenges in the propagation of their rights and suggested solutions for the redressal of the issues worsening the state of women in society. Furthermore, the speakers encouraged and motivated the community members- mostly peasants- to educate their girls necessarily along with their boys because it is their basic fundamental right and they are the equal members of the society. 1. Mr. Azhar Hussain (Social Activist & Candidate for Chairman UC Kolab Jial district Khairpur) expressed his views: A local politician, had the light upon the different roles of a woman in her life. He was of the view that both man and woman will have to play their role in the way of women empowerment. 2. Ms. Rabia Abbasi (Social and Political Activist and District Secretary PPP-Khairpur, Women Wing) expressed her views: a woman must come forward and took part in the politics, she starts from village Councilor seat and serve the community. Women are the better performer than men, it is proved that women leaders lead the society peacefully and intelligently. She emphasized he role of educated women in politics and in the development of society. 3. Advocate Zulekhan Chana (Advocate High Court, Women practicing lawyer and Legal Councilor at Legal Aid Society) expressed her views: She pointed out the democratic and legal rights of women in current situations. She mentions the rights of the women in the Constitution of Pakistan and urged to raise voice for their rights and get education. She appreciated the work of Sewa Development Trust Sindh and offered her services for free legal counselling to rural women facing any legal issues. Ms. Zulekhan encouraged young women to take part in BD elections and must cast their vote. 4. Ms. Benazir Abro (Social and Political Activist and former District Council Member) expressed her views: She shared his journey from a village to member district council; how she took part in the political and being elected councilor of the UC- recalled the role and importance of woman in politics. Benazir encourage the participants to allow their women for vote, only women vote may decide the future of Pakistan, the future of our community. Large number of women are deprived from their vote and do not allow to go at polling stations because of lack of interest in the political system..

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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