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Press Conference : JAZBA

Women Voter's Campaign

Sewa Development Trust Sindh in association with South Asia Partnership Pakistan under Jazba program conducted a Press Conference at Press Club district Khairpur on 24 June, 2022, with local and National media. The objective of the press conference was to raise voice for women’s political participation, women Voter’s access to polling stations and supporting women candidates in recent local bodies elections-2022. A press release was issued with demands for free and fair elections with more women voter participation. The women can better understand the issues of the society. The 27 different electric and print media representatives and civil society attended the event. In the end questions were asked by the journalists from the panel. On June 24, 2022 civil society of district Khairpur collectively call a press conference at District Press Club with local and national media representatives including print and electronic media. Sewa Development Trust Sindh and Civil Society Organizations of district Khairpur issued a jointly Press Release, stating that: as we all know that 1ST Phase of local bodies elections will be polled on 26 June, 2022, then after 2nd phase will be held in the remaining districts of Sindh. South Asia Partnership Pakistan under Jazba program conducting women voter’s campaign across the country with more participation of women voters and women participation to contest the elections. The civil society of Pakistan and Khairpur urges Election Commission of Pakistan to reform the voter facilitation especially women voter access to polling stations. Women participation in the local body elections are more important in the development of the country, women are the more than half of the total populations and are deprived in accessing the tickets from the political parties. We demand that political parties to issue half of the tickets to their women candidates on general seats. At this stage, the nominations of candidature are completed, at least the stakeholders including social and political activists ensure the full participation of women voters to cast their vote. The local government system is community-based representation of their community, the elected councilors serve their community, specially deprived and marginalized portions to empower women of the areas. The civil society demanded from political parties to revisit their party manifesto and program with more participation and importance of women workers in decision making process. .

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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