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International Minority Day

Strengthening Citizen Voices

SDTS conducted a seminar on the eve of International Minority Rights Day, celebrated across the world on 18th December every year since 1992, after adoption of charter by UN member countries. Under the global theme for this year “Allin4MinorityRights” SDTS with the consultation with LUC staff organized seminar on Wednesday 21st December 2022, in Gymkhana Club Khairpur. Seminar begins with recitation of couplet of Sindh’s great poet Shah Abdul Latif Latif Bhitai containing message about religious harmony and peace. Mr. Amar Iqbal, renowned poet and writer moderate the seminar. Mr. Khadin Hussain Dahot MD SDTS delivered welcome speech and highlighted the importance of International Minority Rights Day and said that, SDTS is a promoter of the rights of minorities and we are always taking practical steps to spread awareness about the rights of minorities and this seminar is also a step to raise awareness about minority rights. Mr. Gurmukh Mal, Chief Organizer HRCP’s Minority Wing Sindh shared grievances in his speech about mishaps happening with Hindu community in province. “We are patriotic citizen of the country and we want to live with peace for that purpose state bodies should give us protection by the law” he added. Mr. Ranjhan Das, Assistant Director Minority Affairs Sukkur regions in his brief speech applauded the SDTS effort and said that our directorate of our department has been set up in Sukkur to facilitate minority communities and address their complaints on priority basis. He invited minority community elders to come and held meetings with minority affairs department official for resolution of outstanding issues. He also stressed that individuals of minority have to follow practical approach for resolve of their minor issues town level. Mr. Naseem Aijaz Bhatti, representative of Cristian Community during his address appreciated the efforts of SDTS by saying that the minorities are recognized as equal citizens in the country, our demand is to implement the job quota as defined in the law of land. Ms. Aisha Khand, Joint Secretary district bar association Khairpur shared her views with participants of seminar by saying that Sindh is a land of mystic saints and their teachings remained a guideline for individuals for decades long living with peace and harmony but in recent times people are respecting each other’s rights so we have to follow the good practices for inter faith harmony. Mr. Mumtaz Jahangir Lashari, Vice President of Sindh High Court Bar Association Sukkur said that Rights of minority are secured in article 36 of the constitution of Pakistan and I praised upon the Minority community that they should refer this article on every occasion, however minority communities are not bind closely with each other they have to be united for raising logical voice in favor of their constitutional rights. Mr Hari Mal, Head of Hindu Panchayat Khairpur, said that our rights are recognized in the constitution of the country, it is necessary that it should be strictly implemented, sometimes we feel not alone while observing the support of majorities to raise voice for our rights. Ms. Shaista Khoso, Chairperson Step Foundation also shared her views on the event’s topic as the last speaker of seminar and said minority community is not alone at many occasions majority community is also adding their efforts and voices to redress complaints of Hindus and Christian living in Sindh. Civil Society in every city of province is proactive and believe in equal rights with their positive approach minority communities have to struggle for pertinent legislation for safe guarding of their rights. .

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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