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Countering Violence through Peace

Sewa Development Trust Sindh strives for Peace

Sewa Development Trust Sindh under Azm-e-Naujawan (AeN) Program Khairpur conducted second Guest Speakers’ Session on July 19, 2019 at AeN Centre; Khairpur engaged youth in healthy inventions to bring them in a healthy citizen’s environment. These events are aimed to involve community especially youth of Khairpur to understand their identity, issues and their role and responsibilities being citizen of Pakistan. The event topic was “Increasing extremism in the society and role of youth”. Total 54 community members attended the event including civil society members, students, lawyers and women. Mr. Naveed Khayal started the program with recitation of proses of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitati. Awal Allah Aleem Aalla aalam jo dani Qadir pahinji qudrat seen qaim ahey qadeem So saraah sacho dhani chai hamd hakeem Karay paan Kareem, jorrun jorr jahan jun. Mr. Khadim Hussain Dahot, Trustee/Managing Director: shared his views that under AeN training modules the youth are learned community mapping tools, identity, and Social Action Projects by the volunteers who are alumni of the training modules but, main objective of this project is to honour humanity. To work for a just society, with peace and prosperity. Where there is no extremism, injustice and favoritism. Each and every legislation is meant to serve humanity and to reduce grievances of mankind. Youth vulnerability is just not limited to lack of education but their vulnerability goes on high when they are on streets and nothing to do. I believe that doing nothing in life is not a life it like we are dead. Sufi Saint says: “If you are died by doing nothing, thinking nothing you are neither alive nor among died. Ms. Maqsooda Solangi: shared that none of the religions in the world allows any kind of extremism or discrimination of any kind. Every religion comes to serve humanity, to make this world a better place for every human, and to reduce miserable of mankind. Now this is a big question for every of us that why is such extremism around us, she shared a Sufi lines: Aey Khuda ajh haith lahi aa, Pahinjo jorial deh disi wajh Hikra manhun nandhra manhunt, Hikra manhun wadhra manhun Tuhnja manhun kehra manhunt, Pahinjan te neeshan hani wajh Karo gur ain sukal bhora , Hikro bhro tun bh chakhi wajh. Translation: [O Lord! Come down on earth. And tell me, and see how this world is turned. Some people are wealthy some are poor, some are big some are small. Come and mark those people who are yours. Come and once eat unswallowable meals that poor kids take in lunch and dinner]. Mr. Zameer Hussain Lashari: shared that Terrorisms and extremism are two different things. Extremism is the phenomenon when a person of a school of thought do not extremely bear a person with other school of thought. Whatever a person is saying you are just to add and accept his thoughts. A person imposes his/her ideas to others at highly extreme level. When it comes to arguments and opponent person fails in his/her arguments the results may end by killing opponent person. We all are aware of the events in Prophet Mohammed S.A.W.W life. People used to through stones his head is bleeding but he’s praying to their forgiveness. When a female used to through garbage on him, for few days she remained absent for the act. He asked from people and knew she’s ill he went to see her; we have all left our lessons behind. Once a person asked prophet Mohammed who will enter in Jannah? Prophet answered those whose ethics are good, this question is repeatedly asked from him and he repeatedly answered the same answer. Mr. Riaz Hussain Wassan: shared his views that its really great to see young people of Khairpur over here, not only that but they are ambitious to learn more regarding extremism and its contemporary shape as for as non-existing of peace is concerned. Hazrat Sachal Sarmast has said: Na kee shaikh mashaikh yaro na kee mualim peer banyasien Na kee thaah thaghi ja thahay rangan saan rakhiasien Sachal sawa ishq Allah jay bio ko hunr na sikhia sien From very beginning there are two laws of controlling life, one is natural law and other is man made law. By natural law I mean to say when God created this world sent prophets and messenger for mankind. Who have been telling people that you came in this world with the aim of life? You are offspring of ADAM and you are all brother and sister you all have to live peacefully with others. Caliphates also mean to teach human to live with acceptance with differences to maintain peace among them. When natural law apparently disappear and it comes the era of science and governments were made, when political and legal system came in to being. That government machinery is based on three pillars; legislature, executive and judicial. The primary purpose of this is to maintain order in the society. Nowadays people are controlling society by both natural and manmade law, but now the question is that why men of this era is failed to maintain harmony in society. We see when there is extremism there are many reasons behind when it is be disposed to the nation or people and three pillars of that state are made deteriorated. Their leaders are chosen who are corrupt, incapable to be there and, institutions are ruined they cannot protect rights of people. This situation creates no opportunities for masses drain them into poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, and people find opportunities just to survive like they are dead. This situation creates anarchy in society and we witness situation like we see currently around. We must work on tolerance and ethics of our next generation. .

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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