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Theatre Performance-I

Azm-e-Naujawan Khairpur

Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS) under Azm-e-Naujawan (AeN) Khairpur organized Theatre Performance “Lets Promote Peace & Tolerance Through Theatre” for community of Khairpur on July 25, 2019. Total 54 participants including civil society members, families, students, volunteers, teachers and parents attended the event. Mr. Zahid Hussain Dahot, Trustee/Manager Operations, SDTS Khairpur welcomed participants and informed about the project Azm-e-Nuajawan that SDTS is trying to bring more thought provoking events to youth of Khairpur, that will help to choose a better and peaceful life for all of us. Ms. Maqsood Solangi: said, theatre is a powerful tool of communication we use this tool when we mean to disseminate information of message. This is very important tool from centuries. It has a huge importance in information propagation. When we read, we may forget the information we got within few years or even within least time. Human cognitive abilities are more powerful when he/she learn by watching. Theatre is both learning by observation and learning by experience. This theatre performance will be presented by Indus theatre from Khairpur. Mr. Meer Hazar Jalbani, adding to the topic to the global scenario, this generation from western to eastern world is facing issue of extremism. If we see around, we have entered in modern world but have we ever thought of what kind of development we have passed through. If we look back in the era of our forefathers, they were living even more better than all of us. Have we thought off about how they were friendly to other different groups? There was more harmony better than us the people of the modern era. Why the development does not mean developed to all of us? The reason is that simple that we have not paid attention to the most important matter that could make us part of development. If we see the persons who they have remarkable contribution to the development lets see how they made their way to the hike of development. Thomas Adison when was expelled from school and he asked “mom! why he’s not going school?” her mother replied “Son! Your school has not enough capable to make read such child with extraordinary brilliant mind” this statement of his mother made him encouraged and once, when Thomas Adison was asked the question about his invitation, he had no idea that he had invented over 150 inventions. So, for every single person and every single day encouragement is most important. We need this also. I thank Azme Nuajawan who are working for betterment of our largest group of population. Mr. Riaz Manglo, Trainer AeN/Program Manager SDTS: shared that his views through a story of a young boy that travels to city from his village. The boy works hard and he gets successful life. once upon a time Khairpur was city where shia, sunni, hindu, muslim and other groups were living peacefully in this city. We must learn how to bring that time back to this city. The youth of Khairpur is a great hope in this way. We have to work to gather to bring the tolerance that our forefathers have left for us. And that we have lose somehow. Mr. Meer Sobhdar Saeed, TV Artist, Poet of Khairpur: he started his speech with a poetry depicted social scenario. The poetry was raising questions on the incidents of intolerance in our society. Mr. Sobhdar share lines of Quraan and Geeta with the same meaning forewarning mankind and those who ruins peace in society. He said God has said “those who creates barbarism and ruins peace are not liked by me”; he recited the lines form Quraan “O’ the human being you are in deficit.” Let work to make this city peaceful. Let’s bring the golden times of mankind, no matter it is past of it was not event happened in this world let bring the peace and tolerance in our society for our next generations. Mr. Khadim Hussain Dahot, Trustee/Managing Director: shared that we are here to talk about peace and tolerance in society. The city of Khairpur is the city of numerus cultures. There were Muslims who were being supported in education to the Hindu students. There was no difference among people living in the city. Human being is in deficit now. Peace is like a dream in these days. The entire world is facing issue of intolerance. Most powerful persons around the world are involved in creating intolerance in the world society. We must work on practice of harmony and peace. Theatre Performance: Indus Theater Group presented the Theater performance on peace and tolerance. This was a story of a village where there is a tension on each walk of life. There were disputes on land, forced marriages, convicted acts of robbery, torture, and religious extremism. The scene started with an old man working in fields with a beautiful song being sung by him, and ended with a meeting with thought provoking speech by a character. The theatre presented all kind of intolerance and extremism. The acting of the group was naturally linked to the nature of situation. Beautiful verses and phrases were recited during peak situations of the story. The story was depicting pure village life of Sindh. The role of media in perpetuation of extremism and how people carry the messages shown in TV was also well depicted in the story. Actors seemed well prepared and received a huge applause and standing ovation from the audiences..

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