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Sewa Development Trust Sindh under AzmeNaujawan Program organised 3rd Singing Event to on 06 August 2019 at AzmeNaoujawan Centre, Khairpur. More than 60 youth and community members engaged in the event with participation of 05 young singers. The event was focused to create awareness regarding tolerance, interfaith harmony by engaging youth in social and cultural event and build capacity for civic rights and social responsibilities. Azme Naujawan Khairpur organized “Singing Event entitled with: how music encounters extremism & enhance tolerance”. In the event the communities of Khairpur were invited to participate. The five singers in the singing event were called from Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Musical Academy, this is a local musical academy operating in Khairpur for the promotion of music. About 60 participants from civil society, academia, students, volunteers and others attended the event. Mr. Shaheer Khohro (Lead Training AeN Khairpur): started with poetry of veteran Sindhi poet Sheikh Ayaz started admiring the listeners, he shared the importance of AeN, this is not just a training, this a process of learning and taking your leanings to implementation and its utilization for change in our society, to play your part in the society, we have enjoyed every positive contribution of our society but this is now the time to contribute from our sides to our society. Azme Naujawan enables youth to contribute to society at larger level. Mr. Waqar Hussain Abro, Project Coordinator TACS: extending his thanks to every participant from different walk of life who were there to participate in the event in four different languages. Azme Naujawan is a platform to facilitate youth for their better life and better understanding to tackle with personal and professional matters. Skill and capacity building are roots for development of any one. Youth who are members of ilm-possible (Ilm-Ambassadors) are successfully working in their own fields. I extend thanks and welcome you all, please enjoy the music and thoughtful speeches of different speakers he said further. Mr. Khadim Hussain Dahot, Trustee/Managing Director of Sewa Development Trust Sindh: We are working to bring youth to mainstream. Music is a powerful way of communication. So we use this tool to communicate messages of love and peace and harmony. We have about 4000 volunteers who are connected to Sewa Development Trust Sindh; they were trained on their social responsibilities. They are giving tremendous in their communities. SDTS have been trying to bring them on their due roles to society through this kind of activity like today we have arranged. We all, when listen music without knowing the language of the music start fluttering. This shows there is a connection of music with our souls. We have listened many saying about music that “music is food of soul”. In many hospitals of the world mainly in Turkey music is being used to cure stress and hypertension. Our mystic poets Bullay shah says Mera yaar gaya a ruth Bhulya Mainu naach sikha de uth Bhulya Translation: My beloved is not talking to me, please teach me dance to make him admired. Likewise, mystic poet Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai, Sachal, Sami, Ayaz and many others did poetry with music and dance. Rumi says “When I man silent, I fall in the place where everything is music” he says “in the Lovers’ heart, there is flute, which plays the melody of longing”. Mr. Hussain Mahar, a youth activist form rural areas Garhi Mori: I am hailing from a very backward area; In our age when we were in teenage we were striking for opportunities in city. But boys and girls of this generation are very lucky. We always faced funds constrains for any initiative but we kept trying to strive better place and better role in our society. We recently conducted a cricket match for peace and tolerance but we had no funds for sports cups they were provided by Sewa Development Trust Sindh. Abid Hussain Shar, Out-reach-Officer AeN: A voice that talks in silence and fills listener with melody, love and peace is named as music. This is linked with our universe, the nature has gifted every creature a sound that creates millions of songs and millions of tones of music, which makes human, dance, cry and laugh. Nature’s every thing is in song and dance, galaxies, constellation, moon, has music, water has sound of drops, wind has music of breeze, leaves flowers and every one has music. In ancient India hunters used music to trap animals, bells are set in the necks of camels to not let him tired. Aristotle said music is food of soul, Ibne Seena said “it makes soul in peace”, Shakespeare said “music is subsequent name of love”, Charles Darwin said “I wish I could be young again and can listen music again”. Bowfin said “it comes out of thought and fills in veins”, Einstein said “I would not be able to invent theory of relativity if there would be no music”. Mr. Hadi Buksh Butt, Advocate High Court: Music has no boundaries; In our society if there would be no mystic poets like Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, baba Bullay shah, we would not be able to talk on music like this. Baba Bullay shah had not need to call anyone for dance he used to start dancing on streets while wearing colorful dresses like women. Once he has said Kanjree bania meri izzat ni ghatdi Sanu nach k yaar manawan de Translation: My decency my honor will not be shattered down let me dance and make my beloved happy. Young Singer Sunder Das presented his first song “maddhu piyaenday mun, sajan sahi sujhato” this was followed with number of singers including Mr. Riaz Hussain Simong, Mr. Arshad Ali, Mr. Ahsan Qazi, Mr. Rizwan Ali sung melodious songs with highly qualitative poetry in Sindhi. .

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Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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