Youth in Northern Sindh, as a result, suffer from a lack of civic and social responsibility, alongside a lack of identity, purpose, and a lack of opportunities to engage in activities of a recreational nature and to give back to their communities. SDTS seeks to further support the civic action initiative ‘Azme Naujawan’ in Khaipur. The AeN model seeks to work with at-risk youth to increase youth support for positive civic action and social responsibility. Under this activity, the Azme Naujawan will be implemented in Khairpur. In order for this activity to be successfully implemented as a holistic program for the youth of Khairpur, a youth center will be set up in Khairpur where various program activities – such as youth training and community engagement activities – can take place. During this activity, SDTS, will establish a youth center, as well as form youth groups and conduct trainings for them at the center. This activity seeks to work with SEWA to mobilize 180 youth in District Khairpur, Northern Sindh, to engage them as well as conduct training sessions in a to-be-established youth center. The project will support the establishment and operation of a Azme Naujawan youth center that will cater to not just the youth of the program, but the youth of the community as well as the community at-large.


• To train 180 youth on civic and social responsibility in youth centers • To increase opportunities for targeted youth to undertake social action in their communities • To increase youth-led initiatives in support of civic action and social responsibility • To increase broad-based citizen engagement in community decision making .


- Orientation, Outreach and selection of youth - 50-hour training for 180 youth - 30 Social Action Plans conducted by the youth - Conduct 12 Community events for the youth center .

Long-Term Impact

• Through training youth acquired the sense of identity and purpose as well as the necessary skills to address community issues; • Youth centers allowed youth a safe space to come together and interact with each other; • Engagement through positive activities allowed them to form positive relationships with their peers..

Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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