Sewa Development Trust Sindh implemented project “Social Action for Peace in Khairpur” the project objective was to “Increased awareness on importance of inter -sect and inter-religion harmony in targeted communities”. During project implementation four 03 days capacity building training were organized in which 124 Youth were trained as Peace Ambassadors. In three days’ training visible change was noticed in terms of increase of inter-sect and inter-faith harmony among the young volunteers. Before training most of the participants were unaware about Violence Extremism and had low acceptance of other sect or religion but at the end of training it was improved. For example in start they were reluctant to work with other sect or religion but at the end of training they joined them happily. Mix teams were formed. Another example of it is from most sectarian area of Kotdiji from where a group of all sects not only sit together, listened each other but visited each other’s holy places like imambargah, madarsa, masjid, dargah, not only this but they are now good friends as well. From the city of religiously influenced area Pir jo goth a group of Hindu, Muslim youth sat together and visited each other’s worship places, spent time there and volunteered for serving the places. Through the Implementation of 20 Social Action Projects in targeted communities of 10 Union councils of 04 talukas of district khairpur, awareness level about the Inter-Faith, Inter-Sect, acceptance, Tolerance, Conflict resolution is increased, where trained Peace Ambassadors are engaged to perform their role by resolving the micro level disputes of their family and communities. During the implementation of social action Project Total 1,912 community participants benefitted in event where 1,617 were male 295 were female. During the Social Action Projects implementation, the most focused was on the delivery of message towards the masses of diversified communities in term of Sect, Religion, Caste, Language, and Political Supporters within and across the communities, so in this context in 20 Social Action Projects, 231 Hindu, and 19 Christian representatives from minorities participated in events where as 818 from Shia Sect, 515 Braliwi sect, 352 Diyo Bandi sect and some other sectarian representatives has participated in the SAPs. Although Social Action Projects successfully completed in targeted areas of intervention but the preaching of Inter-Faith and Inter- Sect Harmony is continued, where the direct beneficiaries, like Peace Ambassadors and Participants of social Action Projects are engage in Peace Building activities, The Peace Ambassador of intervened areas are playing their role in conflicts resolutions at micro level in their respective areas as they have learned during the capacity building Trainings. During the project implementation process most of society members have appreciated the importance of increasing awareness among communities regarding inter-sect and inter-faith harmony and also express their views by praising the efforts of SDTS and promised to support on every step of Peace Ambassadors taken for Peace Building. The young peace ambassadors are more sensitized and aware about importance of inter-sect and inter-faith harmony, they are very caring with their new non-Muslim and anti-sect friends, they paint joint paintings support each other in community issues.


1. 100 youth trained to implement social action for peace in 10 UCs of Khairpur 2. Increased awareness on importance of inter -sect and inter-religion harmony in targeted communities 3. To increase acceptance of pluralistic values in targeted communities 4. Enhanced tolerance within and across communities .


1. Selection of Youth: 2. Development of Training Manual: 3. Orientation Session of Facilitators: 4. Training of Youth: 5. Social Action Projects: .

Long-Term Impact

- Trainings and social action opportunities have build youths’ capacity and confidence towards promoting positive narratives and social action for peace - Small Social Action project by local youth leaved an effective way to convey messages of harmony and peace at community level .

Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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