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ACTIVITY:                             Singing Event and Eid Milan Party
DATE:                                   13th June, 2019 

Azme Naujawan Khairpur organized community engagement events which was named as “Singing Competition and Eid Milan Party”. In the event the dignitaries of Khairpur were invited to participate. The AeN participants who have been enrolled for training were also asked to attend the event. To honor the event as chief guest Mr. Arsalan Saleem (ADC II, Khairpur) was requested to attend the event.

The singers to participate in the singing competition were called from Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Musical Academy. This is a local musical academy operating in Khairpur for the promotion of music. The Academy coaches budding singers to train them for professional singing. Ustad Ghafoor who is the head of the academy was called for a meeting to close the names of participants in the event. Mr. Shahzado Kandhro who is also a Sindhi singer from Khairpur was brought on board to act as a judge of the singing competition.

Naveed Khayal (Project Manager AeN Khairpur) and Maqsooda Solangi (Center Coordinator, AeN Khairpur) assumed the role of hosting during the event. Before the event could formally begin, people from the audience were asked if they are willing to sing a song. Faisal Bukhari who is SEWA employee sang a song which was applauded by the audience. Following the trend, Imtiaz Channa who is Outreach Officer of AeN Khairpur also presented a song in Sindhi and the crowd appreciated it very much.

The event formally began with recitation of Holy Quran. It was followed by Naveed shb showing gratitude to the audience for their participation in the event. He went on to introduce Azme Naujawan program. He stated that Azme Naujawan has been successfully running in Karachi with the cooperation of eight consortium partners for two years and this intiative has been extended to northern Sindh now with Sewa Development Trust Sindh implementing it in Khairpur district.

After the introduction of Azme Naujawan campaign, Khadim shb (Managing Director SDTS) was asked to present Ajraks to the dignitaries participating in the event. After presenting Ajraks to the gusts Khadim Shb was invited to rostrum by Naveed shb to share his thoughts about the event. Khadim shb welcomed all the guests participating in the event and presented a brief of Azme Naujawan in Khairpur and the contribution of Sewa Development Trust Sindh for the betterment of the society.

Naveed shb came to stage to invite the performers of the singing competition to present songs. For the first performance Muhammad Yaseen came to stage. He sang a Sindhi song with crowd cheering at his performance.

Meanwhile, the chief guest of the event Mr. Arsalan Saleem (ADC II, Khairpur) joined and he was presented with Ajrak by Khadim shb (Managing Director SDTS). One of the consortium partners Empowerment through Creative Integration (ECI) also joined at the event. Mr Jawad Ghori ( Manager Projects ECI) and Iftikhar Ali Memon (Assistant Manager Program and Business Development) were the members from ECI who made their presence at the event.

Maqsooda came to stage to welcome chief guest at the event. He then called the second performer of the event. Ali Gul was the second contesting participant who presented a song with lyrics from the poetry of a Sujfi poet sachal sarmast.

Third performer to the stage was Arshad Ali who presented a folk Sindhi song. Fourth performance was from Sundardas who sang a song in Sindhi with audience enjoying at the rhythm.
After the fourth performance, UStad Ghafoor was called on stage to talk on significance of music in society. He started quoting views of different philosophers on music and said that music is playing a key role in making the society progressive. He thanked Azme naujawan for providing plateform to the local singers. He added that Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Academy is planning to celebrate International Music Day on a mega level and requested district administration to support local music.

Later on Jawad Ghori from ECI was asked to share his experience of implementation of Azme Naujawan in Karachi and the event in Khairpur. He thanked Aen Khairpur for the invitation and said he was glad to see the event was happening and lively.

Maqsooda then invited the fifth performer to present the song. She sang a Sindhi song with audience enjoying the music and the rhythm.
After the performance, Maqsooda invited chief guest (ADC II, Khairpur) to share his views about the event. He thanked for the invitation to the event and appreciated the Azme Naujawan campaign. He on behalf of district administration pledged to support initiatives like Azme Naujawan.
He Quotes, “Jiska Irada Jawan Hay, Wo Azme Naujawan Hay”
The event was reaching to the final proceedings. Maqsooda invited Shahzado Kandhro who was the judge at the event to announce the final result. Third prize was given to Sundardas, Abida Bahar was given second prize and Mazhar Ali was announced the winner of the first prize of the competition.
Zahid Dahot (Manager Operations SDTS) came to rostrum to present vote of thanks to the participants. He thanked all the participants for their presence at the event. He individually named the dignitaries and organizations who participated in the event.

Following are some of the quotes taken from the participants at the event.
  1. “It was good to see gathering of so many social activists at one place” quotes Ahsan Narejo from law department.
  2. “The event was a good source of entertainment for the youth of Khairpur” quotes Nazakat who is Assistant Advocte.
  3. “Azme Naujawan Khairpur is encouraging youth to increase their participation in productive activities.” Quotes Nisar Ahmed who is AeN participant.

Singer performing at the singing competition and Eid Milan party event. Audience enjoying at the singing Competition and Eid Milan Party

Chief Guest Mr. Arsalan Saleem sharing his thoughts at the AeN Community Engagement Event.

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