Gender & Harassment Policy

Version: 22 AUG. 2011

Updated: 26 June, 2013



This section is intended to outline and explain the SDTS gender and harassment policy and procedures. It shall be regarded as a set of guidelines only.

The outlines in this section may be amended, modified, deleted or otherwise changed by the SDTS, according to their needs.

2.         Gender Policy:

Unlawful discrimination undermines the integrity of the employment relationship, compromises equal employment opportunity, debilitates morale and interferes with work productivity. The objective of a gender policy is to provide a work place free from unlawful discrimination, which includes discrimination based upon sex, race, creed, colour, ancestry, age marital status, or familial status. The policy should apply to all employees of the SDTS. Unlike other HR polices this policy applies to conduct which occurs not only in the workplace but also extends to conduct which occurs at any location that can be reasonably regarded as an extension of the workplace, such as any field location, any off-site business-related social function, or any facility where work of the organization is being conducted and discussed.

An effective gender policy pertains to all employment practices such as recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, transfer, assignment, layoff, return from layoff, termination, compensation, fringe benefits, working conditions and career development.

Our focus is to uplift the social, economic status of the Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in general children and women groups, youth and farmers in particular so as to facilitate in initiation of the development process.

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